The Best Pavers and Most Popular Paving Stones

When you’re working on enhancing your property with the right outdoor hardscapes, you need the right pavers. The best pavers and the most popular paving stones can truly bring your property together.

Several brands provide incredible pavers and paving stones for you to choose from. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we only carry top brands to ensure you get the high quality you desire. Whether you’re trying to create a deck around a swimming pool, a backyard patio, or a walkway, the right pavers and paving stones are required.

After deciding the look, you prefer, it’s time to choose start shopping for paving stones and pavers. We offer several top brands with many different options. Let’s look at some of the top paver brands we provide and what they can offer for you.

The Best Four Paver & Paving Stone Brands

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1. Nicolock

The several paver-shield options from Nicolock provide incredible options. These pavers are created to provide a brilliant and vibrant color with paver-shield technology. The color will stay rich and vibrant for many years, even through harsh conditions.

The Alpine Ridge and Blue Ridge pavers from Nicolock are two of the many popular paver-shield options. Of course, the cobblestone is also very popular and a very attractive option for around the pool.

2. Cambridge

NOTE: Currently Cambridge has limited their supply, temporarily. This is due to significant demand. For a list of the products currently offered by Cambridge, go here.

We carry a large selection of pavers and paver stones from Cambridge. They categories their products by collection or by color. You will also find pavers categories by size from Cambridge.

Some options come in kits, such as the circle design kit or the random design kit. Regardless of the type of pavers or paving stones you choose from Cambridge, you will be getting a high-quality product for your outdoor living space.

Techo-Bloc Pavers

3. Techo-Bloc

A very popular option, Techo-Bloc offers some of the best pavers and paving stones on the market. The Techo-Bloc permeable pavers provide a great choice for many different products. The Aquastorm pavers a very high infiltration rate to help you avoid flooding.

Techo-Bloc also offers many other pavers with several design options. Whether you want a more modern design like that of the valet paver or you prefer the contemporary look of the allegro pavers, Techo-Bloc has what you’re looking for.

Unilock Pavers

4. Unilock

One of the most popular paver brands, Unilock offers many options to choose from. Use the permeable pavers if you need maximum drainage or choose the ENDURACOLR pavers for the perfect patio.

Choose from several different looks and designs with Unilock. The Camelot pavers offer a bit of old-world charm, while the eco-optiloc pavers provide a unique geometric design. No matter which Unilock pavers you choose, you’ll get a quality product to enjoy for many years to come.

Choosing the Best Pavers for You

There are many different options to consider when it comes to the best pavers and paving stones. Choosing the right pavers for your hardscape isn’t easy. While some may offer certain features, others might offer the perfect design.

When you’re ready to create your dream patio, driveway, walkway, or pool deck, we’re ready to help. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we can help you choose the best pavers and paving stones for your project. Stop in today at one of our two locations in the NYC area and Long Island.