How to Choose the Right Grade of Crushed Stone

Working in construction means you will likely work with different grades of crushed stone. If you need to choose the right grade of crushed stone, you need to understand the different options and what they work best for. Below is a simple guide to making it easier to choose the right grade of crushed stone for your specific projects.

The Many Different Grades of Crushed Stone

Crushed Stone #1

This is 2–4-inch crushed stone in size. Commonly crushed stone #1 is used for stormwater outfall areas, sewer projects, slope protection, haul roads, culvert ballast, and septic projects.

Crushed Stone #2

A ¾-inch to 1 1/4-inch stone, crushed stone #2 is often used for driveways, rough site pads, farm roads, and construction entrances. We offer both white gravel and red crushed gravel in 3/4″ sizes.

Crushed Stone #3

Crushed stone #3 is 1/2 to 2 inches in size and used for driveways, walkways, dry wells, ballasts for railroads, and septic systems.

Crushed Stone #5

A crushed stone with a size less than one inch, crushed stone #5 is best for filler materials, the top driveway layer, railroad ballast, and septic drainage fields.

Crushed Stone #7

With a size from 3/4 inch to #8 sieve, crushed stone #7 is used for septic tank-line bedding, filtration, bio-retention ponds, asphalt production, retaining wall backfill, ready-mix production, and many landscaping projects. We offer crushed bluestone gravel and even pea gravel that fits the 3/4-inch size.

Crushed Stone #8

With crushed stone #8, you get a 1/2 inch to 3/8-inch size used for bio-retention ponds, ready-mix production, tank bedding, filtration, and many landscaping projects. Our 3/8-inch pea gravel fits into this crushed stone category.

Crushed Stone #10

Offering a size from fines up to 1/4-inch, crushed stone #10 works best as fill materials, for walkways, in paver installation, for horse rings, barns, and stables, for tennis courts, as a hardscape material, for dust or screenings, and for bicycle trails. Our bluestone screening/bluestone dust fits in this category well.

Crushed Stone #57

Crushed stone #57 offers a size of 3/4 inch and works best for driveways, as filter stones, for dry wells, in concrete/asphalt mix design, for residential drainage, and for large pipe bedding.

Crushed Stone #67

With a size of 3/4 inch, crushed stone #67 works best as a filler, slab and road base, for residential drainage projects, and for paths and top layers of driveways.

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