How To Achieve Proper Drainage On Your Paver Patio

If you’re ready to create the perfect outdoor patio, you need to understand your drainage needs. With the right patio pavers, you can get the proper drainage for your dream patio. Let’s look at some of the things you should do before the construction of your new patio in Long Island or New York City.

Why Paver Patios Need Good Drainage

Without good drainage, you could be dealing with erosion or foundation damage to your home. It could also cause insects to become worse around your home. Good drainage will allow your home to remain protected, along with your paver patio.

How You Can Achieve Proper Drainage

There are a few easy ways to get the proper drainage for your dream patio. A few of the most important steps include:

  • Create a Good Base – You need a solid base for your patio to protect your home’s foundation from water damage from poor drainage.
  • Install the Right Drains – With good drains, you can keep your patio and home protected.
  • Use a Sloping Patio – In some cases, sloping your patio can help to move water away from your home.
  • Construct a Dry Well – It might also be necessary to create a dry well to collect the water and keep it from pooling.

These tips can help you create a dream patio that properly drains.

Paver Patio Supplies That 9Brothers Offers

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer a ton of different paver patio supplies to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a specific look or even pavers created to drain better, we have them. You can shop our entire selection of patio pavers by visiting our Patio Pavers page here.

Drainage Supplies Offered by 9Brothers

Of course, we also offer many items you can use for drainage in your patio. From heavy-duty channel drains to geotextile fabric to 55-gallon blue barrels, we have everything you need to create the right drainage.

When you’re ready to create your dream patio, we’re ready to help. Stop by our Brentwood or Riverhead locations today and check out our supply of paver patios and drainage supplies.