How to Fix Sinking Pavers

Whether you recently installed pavers or they were installed years ago, you might be dealing with sinking pavers. When this happens, it’s important to know how to fix sinking pavers. Let’s look at a few of the best ways to fix this type of issue.

5 Steps for Fixing Sinking Pavers

1. Get the Right Materials & Tools

You will need paver sand and polymeric sand to fix most sinking pavers. You will also want to get a prying tool, shovel, and a rubber mallet. It might be helpful to have a straight 2×4 for this job, as well.

2. Remove the Sinking Pavers

Before you can fix the issue causing sinking pavers, you will need to remove the pavers. This is often done with a prying tool that will be inserted to pry the pavers out of their place. Be careful, however, as you don’t want to damage the pavers in the process.

If the sinking pavers seem too stuck to pry out right away, you can use a rubber mallet. Strike them with the mallet while using your prying tool and they might pop right out. Just be careful not to hit the pavers too hard.

3. Clean the Pavers

After you have removed the pavers, you want to clean them before you go any further. Use a soft bristle brush to clean them and get all the dirt off the pavers.

4. Repair the Underlying Issue

Usually, sinking pavers are caused by something under the paver. It’s common for this issue to happen due to improper installation, soil erosion, or a drainage issue. You will likely need to fill in any gaps or holes with sand. You may also need to clear out any plant matter or clumps that may have formed.

5. Reinstall your Pavers

After you’ve filled in the area under the pavers, you want to reinstall the pavers. This can be done with the rubber mallet to make sure you get a level installation. Tapping the pavers will help to compact the sand under the paver and make sure it will be level with the rest of the pavers.

This is a very simple way to fix sinking pavers. With the right tools and materials, it’s pretty easy to fix any sinking pavers you are dealing with.