Exterior Stone Veneer

Find the Perfect Exterior Stone Veneer for Your Project Needs!

Exterior Stone Veneer brings a distinct decorative element to your home and any structural wall. These wall stones come in stunning natural stone or high-quality manufactured stone veneer panels with a multitude of texture, color and pattern options from top brands such as Cambridge, Eldorado Stone, MS International, and StoneCraft.

When you need exterior stone veneer, you need the right supplier in the NYC and Long Island area. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, you can choose from a wide selection of exterior stone veneer for your specific needs.

If you want top brands, such as MS International, StoneCraft, Cambridge, and Eldorado Stone, we have it. Add a decorative element to your project with our help. Stop by one of our two locations in Brentwood or Riverhead today to see what we can offer you!

What is Exterior Stone Veneer?

Exterior stone veneer is a type of siding panel that can be used on an exterior wall or outside project. It’s manufactured or it can be made from natural stone. This thin piece of stone material offers a decorative option without the heavy weight of actual stone.

Whether you want to make your exterior wall look more attractive, a chimney look the way you prefer, or any other project, exterior stone veneer is a great option.

Manufactured vs. Natural Exterior Stone Veneer

We offer two types of exterior stone veneer: Manufactured and Natural. Manufactured is just what it sounds like. It’s manufactured to look and feel like stone, but it’s not stone. It’s often called faux exterior stone veneer. It will likely be about an inch thick and offer a very light weight with an authentic look.

Manufactured exterior stone veneer is often cheaper than natural. It comes in many different styles and colors.

If you choose natural exterior stone veneer, you get actual stone. It’s made from real stone, often fieldstone or quarried stone. It will be unique and provide a very cool look for your project.

When you’re ready to find the right exterior stone veneer for your project, we can help. Let the staff at 9 Brothers Building Supply help you find just what you need for your project.

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Exterior Stone Veneer

Find the Perfect Exterior Stone Veneer for Your Project Needs!