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A decorative element that can give you the look of stone without the cost, stone veneer has become rather popular. It's a great option for creating a wall of stone to give you the look you desire. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer both natural and manufactured stone siding panels options for a variety of applications. If you're looking for high-quality stone siding panels, we have you covered. Stop by one of our two locations in the New York City and Long Island area to check out the stone veneer we offer...

What are Stone Siding Panels?

A type of siding panel that can be manufactured or made of natural stone is known as stone veneer. It's a thin piece of decorative stone material. You can use it as a siding type of material or for other applications, such as a fireplace wall or a stone wall.

This thin material may also be called stone siding or stone cladding. It's used for decoration and to offer some protection. When you want to create a stone feature without the full weight of the rock, stone siding panels offer the right option.

Manufactured Stone Siding Panels vs. Natural Stone Siding Panels

Stone siding panels come in two types, manufactured stone veneer, and natural stone veneer. Both are thin panels to provide the look and aesthetic of stone for your application. However, they are not quite the same.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

Also called faux stone, manufactured stone veneer is a decorative exterior material, usually about one inch thick. It's lightweight and usually designed from the natural stone for an authentic look and feel. This type of stone veneer is pre-engineered to be super easy to install.

Manufactured stone veneer tends to be more budget-friendly compared to natural stone veneer, as well. It's offered in a variety of colors and styles.

Natural Stone Veneer

When you choose a natural stone veneer, you get a type of stone veneer actually made from stone. It's directly cut from stone, usually fieldstone or quarried stone. Every stone will be unique, so you get an incredible look with plenty of uniqueness.

While natural stone veneer is more luxurious than manufactured stone veneer, it's also more expensive. The upkeep and maintenance are also more intense compared to manufactured stone veneer.

Best Manufactured Stone Veneer Options

We offer a few different types of manufactured stone veneer from StoneCraft and Eldorado Stone. Both brands offer a variety of styles and colors to choose from with a great look.


As one of the top manufacturers of stone veneer, you can find just what you want from StoneCraft. They have been providing excellent stone veneer for more than 37 years. Choose from a variety of options molded from real stones.

StoneCraft offers a ton of lightweight options for your stone veneer needs. The lightweight design will make it easier to install and makes it a lower-cost option. From Heritage Profiles to Fieldstone Profiles, to Cobble to Ledgestone Profiles, StoneCraft offers plenty of great options for your manufactured stone veneer needs.

Eldorado Stone

With more than four decades of experience creating manufactured stone veneer, Eldorado Stone is a high-quality brand. If you want to choose an option with incredible durability and an excellent look, Eldorado Stone offers a great choice.

Not only is the stone veneer from Eldorado Stone believable, but it's also beautiful. It's handcrafted to give you the perfect option for your indoor or outdoor area. You can choose square or rectangle stone veneer panels from Eldorado Stone, as well.

There are several styles to choose from with profiles ranging from Cliffstone to Cut Coarse to Hillstone to European Ledge, and so much more. If you want to get some of the best manufactured stone veneer you can find, this is one of the top brands.

Best Natural Stone Veneer Options

When you want the real thing, but you still want a stone veneer, natural stone veneer is the right option. We offer Delgado Stone and MSI natural stone veneer. Both are luxury brands providing an excellent choice for many different applications.

Delgado Stone

A high-end luxury brand offering real thinstone veneer stone veneer, Delgado Stone is the go-to choice for many builders. When you want the best source of natural stone veneer, this is a brand you can trust.

You will find a variety of different patterns to choose from with Delgado Stone. From Ashlar Stone to Ledgestone to Mosaic, to River Round, we carry a variety of the best options from Delgado Stone.

The thinstone from Delgado Stone is about one inch thick and provides a sawn back for easier installation. It works great for siding, fireplaces, and other non-structural applications.

MS International (MSI)

MSI also offers very luxurious natural stone veneer products. With some of the highest quality options in stone veneer, MSI is another brand you can trust. It can be used for your outdoor stone project or even for some indoor products.

Choose from a variety of options with different types of stones offered. MSI provides options ranging from Limestone to Marble to Quartzite to Sandstone, and more. These luxurious options provide many different colors, patterns, and designs.

Get the beautiful look you desire from MSI natural stone veneer. Even if you prefer a more rustic look, they have the right option for your needs.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we carry all types of stone veneer. Both manufactured and natural stone veneer products offer great options for all types of non-structural applications. Whether you need siding options or you prefer to create the look of a stone wall for a fireplace, we have the right stone veneer for you.

Choose natural stone veneer for a more luxurious and authentic look. If you don't want to spend as much, you can still get manufactured stone veneer with a great look and feel for any stone wall project. Our team at both of our locations in Brentwood and Riverhead are ready to help you choose the right stone veneer for your specific project in New York City or Long Island.

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