3 Hard-to-Find Pool Building Supply Products on Long Island

It’s January, and if you live in the New York area, then you know all too well just how bone-chillingly cold winters can be. With us being right in the middle of the winter season, you would think that we’d be having the typical freezing temperatures that we’re used to. However, that’s not the case this time around. In fact, we’ve been having a rather warm winter, warmer than its been for some years. 

Because of this, of course, Contractor’s don’t have to be cooped up in the house quite as much. In fact, many Contractors are seeing this as the perfect warmer winter season to continue building swimming pools. Many people are even getting their backyard pools built so that it can be ready just in time for the warmer seasons to come. As a result, it has been unexpectedly busy for pool builders, especially in the Hamptons, New York area. 

For all the pool builders in the Long Island, New York area, 9 Brothers has you covered for all your pool equipment needs in this unexpected work season. Going into this year, we have stocked a wide range of specialized products to help make your pool-building projects as easy and efficient as possible.

Let’s take a look at a few great hard-to-find pool building supply products that we recommend for pool builders on Long Island. With these super helpful products, your pool-building projects will be easy and smooth. 

20′ and 30′ steel rebar available.

As a pool builder, rebar is easily one of your most important supplies to consider. After all, the reinforced steel poles make up the skeletal system of the pool structure, supporting the concrete to prevent it from moving and breaking as it would if set in soil alone. 

Because the structural integrity and the longevity of the pools you build rely heavily on the quality of the rebar you use, it’s important to opt for heavy-duty and high-quality rebar that is built to last. If not, structural issues for the pools can occur sooner than you’d like, causing more work and impacting your brand reputation in the process. 

Here at 9 Brothers Building Supply, we carry top-quality Grade 60 reinforced steel rebars in both 20 feet and 30 feet options to help get your pool projects started on the right foot. 

Techo Bloc Bullnose Coping

Once you finish building your pool structure and pouring in the concrete, you’ll need to have some good coping to complete the edge of the pool to make it not only safe but to give it an attractive appearance as well. 

This Bullnose coping by Techo-Bloc is simple, clean, and timeless. Featuring rounded edges, the Techo-Bloc Bullnose coping will give your completed pools a much softer appearance, helping it to gracefully blend in with the rest of the landscape. 

9 Brothers Building Supply carries two unique finishes: Smooth, which offers a more modern look, and Aged, which blends well with rustic decor. See all of our pool coping choices here.

Pool Shotcrete
Gunite Pool Building Supply Products

When it comes to building the walls of your pools, no concrete reinforcement works better than welded wire mats. Wire mesh is used in a variety of applications. Rather than simply pouring standard concrete in a mold to develop your pool shell, rebar and wire mats are a very durable option to use.

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