Delgado Stone Stone Veneer Products

Delgado Stone offers luxury real thinstone veneer stone veneer. With natural stone veneer from Delgado Stone, you can get the look you desire for your outdoor living area. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we carry multiple types of stone veneer from Delgado Stone.

We stock Delgado Stone products in both our Long Island area locations. If you need a source for excellent stone veneer, we're ready to serve you. Stop by our Riverhead or Brentwood location to compare the different Delgado Stone stone veneer products we carry.

Continue reading to see the different veneer pattern options offered below:

Ashlar Stone Veneer

A bold and thick look with random stone styling, the Ashlar stone veneer from Delgado Stone offers a beautiful look. It comes in a thickness of three to five inches.

LedgeStone Stone Veneer

A very popular choice for stone veneer from Delgado Stone, the LedgeStone has an old castle type of look and feel. It comes in thicknesses of about three to five inches.

Mosaic Stone Veneer

A traditional type of stone veneer, the mosaic from Delgado Stone offers a luxurious look. It's a randomized pattern with thickness between three and five inches.

River Round Stone Veneer

If you want the look of river stone from the river beds of New England, this is the stone veneer for you. It comes in a variety of colors including grey, brown, tan, light yellow, and even pink.

Roughly Square Stone Veneer

The Roughly Square and Rectangle stone veneer from Delgado Stone offers the look of an old castle. It's a beautiful choice with a block-style pattern.

Strip Stone Veneer

Get a look that will make a huge statement, the Strip stone veneer from Delgado Stone is a good choice. If you want a beautiful natural stone, this is a good option for your outdoor areas.

Our thinstone veneer is approximately 1" thick (+/- 1/4") and has a sawn back for easier installation. It's common for fireplaces, siding, foundations, and other non-structural commercial and residential applications.

Our Delgado Stone stone veneer products are high in quality and offer the right choice for many projects. When you're looking for the right stone veneer, we offer two NYC-area locations. Stop in today and let us show you the differences between these Delgado Stone products.

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