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StoneCraft is known as one of the top manufacturers of high-quality stone veneer. They have been in business for more than 37 years and provides the right choices for many different projects. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we choose to carry top-quality products including stone veneer from StoneCraft.
With products from StoneCraft, you get a manufactured stone veneer. It comes from molds of real stone and offers a very lightweight design. This makes it much easier to finish your stone project without a high installation cost or weight.

While StoneCraft is known for the manufactured stone veneer used for walls, they also offer many other products. We carry many products from this top brand outside of just stone veneer.


Thank you for your interest in StoneCraft. We are delighted to provide you with our comprehensive catalog showcasing our exquisite range of stone products. Our catalog is designed to help you explore the beauty, versatility, and craftsmanship of StoneCraft. Browse the full StoneCraft product catalog of stone profiles, colors, and complimentary accessories.

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StoneCraft Stone Veneer

Our stone veneer from StoneCraft provides many profiles for you to choose from. We offer looks that are more traditional and others giving you the old-world charm. Whether you want a Cobblestone veneer or you prefer a Farmledge profile, we have the right choice from StoneCraft for you. StoneCraft Trim KeyStones & Arches Keystones offer the perfect bridge between your windows and stone styles. The KeyStones from StoneCraft come in multiple colors for your project.We also offer trim stones for your Arches. These are made uniform in size and offer a rich texture for your windows and doors.

StoneCraft Caps

These caps are manufactured stone veneer made from molds of real stones. They are lightweight and can be used as a part of a wall tie or footing. These caps come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures.

StoneCraft Trim Keystones

Enhance your designs with StoneCraft Trim & Arch Keystones, perfect companions to the exquisite StoneCraft Stone Veneer at 9 Brothers. Crafted with precision, these keystones add a distinctive touch to windows, doors, and archways, enriching your space's aesthetic appeal. With various styles and finishes, they seamlessly coordinate with StoneCraft Stone Veneer, serving as the ideal finishing touches to bring your vision to life. Trust StoneCraft's commitment to quality, allowing your architectural dreams to unfold with sophistication and timeless charm.

StoneCraft Utility Boxes

We offer both lightboxes and receptacle boxes from StoneCraft. These are the perfect option for cleanly finished facades and exteriors. You can use the lightboxes to provide a stone-friendly mounting platform. When you want consistency, these stone veneer products offer just what you're looking for. The utility boxes offer the same ability as a receptacle box. Several colors are offered from StoneCraft for both lightboxes and receptacle boxes.At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we provide plenty of StoneCraft products. Stop by our Brentwood or Riverhead locations to see them in person.

StoneCraft Sills

Another manufactured stone veneer product from StoneCraft, the sills offer a unique choice. We carry the Wainscot sill and the Rock Face Sill.

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