Premix Concrete Products

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we carry several types of bagged premix concrete. We carry a full line of Quikrete concrete mix options with several choices for different types of projects.

Concrete is known as a complete building material with several uses from concrete slabs to foundation walls to patios. It's a dry mixture that becomes a semi-liquid material and can be formed into several shapes and molds. When it dries, it becomes a very hard material, much like rock.

Concrete is commonly made from sand, gravel, and cement. It may also include other fine or coarse aggregates. When water is added to a premix concrete, it becomes activated and will dry in a solid form.

Our Premix Concrete Products

We carry several premix concrete products including commercial-grade options, mason mixes, mortar mixes, and more. Our Quikrete 5000 is our commercial-grade blend and made for cold weather applications. It's great for several products including driveway aprons, patios, sign footings, and more.

We also carry a ready-to-use concrete mix from Quickrete. It's a blend of sand, gravel, stone, and Portland Cement made for general use projects such as floors, patios, curbs, and steps.

If you need a type of premix concrete capable of setting fast for fence posts, deck posts, swing sets, or lamp posts, the Quikrete fast-setting premix concrete offers a good option. It's made to set in 20 to 40 minutes. You don't even need to mix it first. Simply pour the dry mix into the hold and soak it with water for a faster setting option.

We also offer mason mix and mortar mix for your concrete needs. Our Quikrete line of products includes a sand/topping premix bag, as well, giving you everything you need for any concrete project.

Along with our premix concrete from Quikrete, we do carry masonry cement from Lehigh, along with Portland cement from Lehigh. These are premix options you can use for other types of projects requiring cement.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply in Long Island and NYC, we offer all the premix concrete options you need. Whether you're building a fence around your property or you need to pour a concrete slab, we have the right premix concrete options for your specific needs.

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