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The right river rocks offer the best choice for your landscaping project. There are plenty of options to choose from with polished stones and other types of river rocks for your project. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we provide the best river rocks for your project.

Our team provides all the help you need when you want to pick out the right rocks for your project. Whether you're a contractor working on a project for a client or a DIYer, we offer the right river rocks for your needs. Stop by one of our two Long Island locations to compare our river rocks and choose the right ones for your needs.

MSI River Rocks

We offer MSI beach pebbles, which are polished and come in multiple colors. You can use these beach pebbles indoors and outdoors for the right decorative touches and for different installations. They work great for keeping the soil at the right temperature in extreme situations. They can also restrain the growth of weeds and give your garden the perfect natural look.

Polished pebbles offer the right accent for the property. These come in red, white, yellow, black, and mixed colors.

Decorative River Rock for Landscaping

There are many river rock options to choose from. Many options are decorative and offer functions, as well. When you need to create the right landscaping project, we offer the right river rock for your needs.

With the right river rocks, you can add color and function to your landscape. There are plenty of options to choose from, whether you want a polished black stone or multiple colors. Finding the right option makes a big difference. Our river rocks offer a great option for both residential and commercial landscaping projects in the New York City area.

Our two locations found in the NYC area offer plenty of options to choose from. We have a team at both locations ready to help you get exactly what you need. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we carry several river rock options. Stop by our Riverhead or Brentwood location today to find the right option for your indoor or outdoor project.

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