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The Americans with Disabilities Act helps to ensure those with disabilities can gain access to mainstream life throughout the United States. When it comes to building in compliance with the ADA, it's necessary to use the right ADA tactile warning surfaces.

These surfaces help to ensure someone with a disability is aware they will be entering the street or another area. The tactile warning surfaces provide a truncated dome design for pedestrian crossings, curb ramps, parking areas, stair landings, transit platforms, escalator approaches, and other areas.

Our ADA Tactile Warning Surface Products

We offer a variety of products to fit your ADA tactile warning surface needs. Our systems range from cast iron tactile systems to replicable graphic tile systems. Whether you need a permanent solution or you prefer a tile system you can move around or replace, we have just what you need.

When you choose ADA tactile warning products from us, you gain access to a variety of options with truncated domes. These bumps help to provide a detectable warning for someone in a wheelchair, walking with a cane, or just walking normally. They are large enough to provide the proper warning, yet small enough to avoid causing a tripping hazard.

Truncated dome tiles provide an audible feature, as well. Those using a guidance cane or going over these bumps with a wheelchair will notice a difference in the sound compared to the regular sidewalk. We offer a variety of ADA tactile warning surfaces with truncated domes for your building size.

Along with products featuring truncated domes, we also offer way-finding surface products. These products offer more of a long ridge instead of a small bump. The ridges are in multiple rows and provide both a noticeable difference in texture underfoot and an audible change when going over the surface in a wheelchair.

When tackling a new building project, you will likely need to remain in compliance with the ADA. Our ADA tactile warning surfaces allow you to provide the proper warning to those with a disability.
At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer a variety of tactile warning surfaces with different designs and materials. No matter the product you need, we can help you with your next building project.

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