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Getting the right concrete release agents will help you with any project you're working on. There are many different choices out there for stamped concrete projects and the right one will make a big difference. When you apply the concrete release agent, it will keep tools, such as texturing tools and concrete stamps from sticking to the concrete.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we provide the right concrete release agents for your needs. Our team will help you choose the release agent for your needs, whether you need a liquid or a powder option. We offer two NYC locations to ensure you can get the right masonry supply products for your needs.

Types of Concrete Release Agents

There are two types of release agents for concrete. You can choose from a powder concrete release agent or a liquid concrete release agent. Both offer different types of release agents for different projects.

Powder release agents are commonly used for stamping fresh concrete. This type of concrete release agent can also provide a coloring effect.

Liquid release agents work better indoors and can be rolled over the concrete.

There's also an antiquing release agent you can consider. This type of product is a bit different and not nearly as commonly used.

Concrete release agents can also be separated into barrier-type agents and chemically active form release agents. Barrier-type agents provide a barrier between the concrete and the form. They are commonly made of wax, silicone, or diesel oil. However, these release agents shouldn't be used for architectural concrete due to the stains they can cause.

Chemically active form release agents will react with the calcium ions in the dement. They produce a soap to keep the formwork from bonding to the concrete. These types of concrete release agents are commonly used in architectural concrete projects.

When you need the right concrete release agents for your construction project, we've got you covered. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer two locations in the Long Island area. Stop by either of the locations anytime and let our team help you choose the right concrete release agents for your specific project.

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