Concrete Reinforcement Products

Concrete Reinforcement

When using concrete for the building process, products for concrete reinforcement are often necessary. Whether you need welded wire mats, wire mesh, or steel rebar, we supply just what you're looking for. We offer a variety of products to help with your concrete reinforcement needs in Long Island and New York City.

Rebar for Concrete Reinforcement

We offer both 20-foot and 30-foot rebar in a variety of sizes. Our 20-foot rebar is grade 60 steel and available in sizes from #3 to #11. We also offer epoxy-coated 20-foot rebar in sizes #4 to #8.

If you need 30-foot rebar, we offer the same grade 60 steel rebar with sixes from #3 to #6. When you need rebar for concrete reinforcement, 9 Brothers Building Supply is the right choice.

Wire Mats, Wire Mesh, and Block Mesh

Along with rebar, we also offer wire mats, wire mesh, and block mesh for concrete reinforcement. Our welded wire mats come in 5-foot by 10-foot sheets and we offer epoxy coated sheets, as well. Spacing for both is 6x6 with several steel and wire gauge sizes to choose from.

Our wire mesh is perfect for concrete reinforcement and available with 6x6 spacing with rolls of 5-foot wire mesh measuring 150-feet per roll. We offer wire mesh in steel and wire gauge of 10/10.

We also offer Durawall or Block Mesh in 50-piece bundles. Choose from a variety of sizes from 4-inch to 12-inch.

Other Concrete Reinforcement Products

While rebar, wire mats, and wire mesh make up the majority of the concrete reinforcement products we offer, we also provide a slab bolster and an upper continuous high chair. The slab bolster provides the right option for many types of projects. It includes plastic tips and you can choose from 3/4-inch to 3-inch size with a five-foot length in stock.

The upper continuous high chair is a rebar chair designed with runners. It comes in heights of 1-inch to 6-inch with epoxy coated option ranging from 2-inch to 4-inch. We stock the upper continuous high chair in lengths of five feet.

When you need concrete reinforcement products for your project in Long Island, we're here to help. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we provide all types of products to help with concrete reinforcement.

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