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Concrete Forms in Long Island

Many construction projects in NYC require the right concrete forms. When you plan to work with concrete, you need to make sure you have high-quality forms to create the look and function you need.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer the concrete forms and concrete products you need for any project. Our Long Island and NYC area locations are fully stocked and our staff is ready to assist you with getting the concrete forms you need.

5 Things You Should Know About Concrete Forms

1. You Need Concrete Forms to Ensure Concrete Sets Property

When concrete is used for a construction project, it has to set properly, as it's often providing support. It might be used as a foundation or as a support for a fence. However, the initially mixed concrete won't hold a shape without the help of a concrete form.

The concrete form acts as a mold for the concrete to be poured into. It can be temporary or permanent, depending on the job, and will help the concrete dry in the proper shape.

2. Good Concrete Forms are Strong and Lightweight

It's important to choose the right concrete form materials and design. When you have a concrete form that is both strong and lightweight, it's easier to work with and offers the rigidity you need. You don't want a form that will crack, bend, or slip due to the weight of the concrete.

Depending on the project you are taking on, you might use concrete form products, such as the Symons Forms or Sonotubes. There are many different stacking systems to choose from, too.

3. Steel Concrete Forms Offer Many Benefits

When you choose steel concrete forms, you get a long-lasting and durable option. Not only will you get a heavy-duty concrete form with steel, but your money will go further since you can reuse these concrete forms or even sell them after you are done.

4. Concrete Forms are Used for Many Different Projects

Since concrete forms are used to ensure the concrete sets properly, they are necessary for a variety of projects. It's common to need concrete forms for:

  • Building a fence
  • Gate installation projects
  • Constructing a home
  • Pouring a foundation
  • Creating a sidewalk
  • Building steps

There are many construction projects requiring the right concrete forms.

5. Many Materials are Used to Create Concrete Forms

While steel concrete forms give you lots of benefits, there are other types of materials used for formwork. You might find concrete forms made of fiberglass or resin-bonded plywood. Even Sonotubes offer a concrete form you can use and these are made of lightweight, reinforced cardboard.

Before you choose the right concrete forms for your project, consider what you need. Some materials are better for specific projects, such as fiberglass forms work well for curved surfaces. It's also important to consider the cost of the concrete form and whether it can be reused for your next project.

When you know you need concrete forms for your construction project in the NYC area, 9 Brothers Building Supply is ready to assist you. We offer a wide variety of concrete forms to choose from. Stop by one of our two Long Island locations and let our staff help you today!

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