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With some concrete projects, expansion joints are necessary. These joints create a space or a gap in between two sections of concrete within the slap. This gap will allow the concrete to freely move and expand as necessary.

When you need expansion joints for your concrete slab, 9 Brothers Building Supply in Long Island has the right selection for you. Our expansion joints offer the right choice to help prevent buckling and cracking when you pour any type of concrete slab.

Fibre Expansion Joints

We provide W.R. Meadows SealTight Fibre Expansion Joints for your needs. All of these expansion joints come in 10-foot lengths with multiple thicknesses and widths to choose from. We can even custom-cut your full sheet to fit your specifications.

Fibre expansion joints are very flexible and offer an easy option to work with. They work great for patios and sidewalks, along with other concrete projects.

Why Expansion Joints are Important

Expansion joints in a concrete slap help to prevent buckling and cracks. The joints keep the slab from being damaged as easily and help it to look better and last longer.

When you include expansion joints in a concrete slab, it gives the concrete somewhere to go when it moves. If the slab is created too large and without expansion joints, any shifts or vibrations may cause cracks due to the stress and the pressure. Using expansion joints helps to prevent these cracks from happening.

Expansion joints will be placed between two slabs of concrete where the slabs meet. Several joints can be used over a longer slab, such as a sidewalk. Without the right expansion joints, the slabs will end up cracking since they cannot move.

Materials Used to Make Expansion Joints

Several materials can be used to make expansion joints for concrete and each material offers specific benefits. Fiber is very flexible and offers a great option for expansion joints used in patios and sidewalks. Cork offers several of the same benefits of fiber, while metal provides a better choice for heavy pressure and heat.

Expansion joints can also be made of asphalt for a waterproof and self-sealing option. Sponge or rubber may also be used and is popular for concrete slabs that will undergo vibration often.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer fiber expansion joints for your patio or another concrete building project. Stop by one of our NYC area locations and let us help you choose the right expansion joints today.

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