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Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics with Egress Windows from 9 Brothers Building Supply in New York.

If you're planning to finish your basement, you will need egress windows to provide an operable emergency escape. This is required in most communities if you have one or more sleeping rooms in the basement. By adding egress windows to your finished basement, you will improve safety and add value to your home. Plus, these windows will let in more natural light.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer a variety of egress windows and window wells for your basement project. Our team will be happy to assist you at one of our two Long Island and NYC area locations. Stop by today and check out our selection of egress windows.

What is an Egress Window?

Egress means exit, so an egress window is an exit window for your basement. Most communities in the United States require egress windows or another type of exit when you turn your basement into a living space. The window has to be capable of opening from the inside easily without any equipment, tools, or prior knowledge of the window. Most egress windows come in either casement or sliding style.

Benefits of Installing Egress Windows

Finishing your basement offers plenty of benefits, but so do egress windows. While this isn't the only option to provide an emergency exit from the basement, it's a very common choice. Some of the benefits you gain from installing egress windows include:

  1. Meets the Building Code - Depending on your community, you might have to install at least one exit from your finished basement. Installing an egress window will meet the code in most areas, as long as it's installed properly.
  2. Provides Ventilation - An egress window can be opened to provide fresh air to your basement and help prevent humidity.
  3. Brings in Natural Light - When you use egress windows, you will have plenty of natural light coming into the basement. Without any way to get natural light in, the basement can become a bit depressing.
  4. Increases Your Home Value - When you plan to sell your home, a finished basement adds livable space, which increases the value of your home. With an egress window installed properly, you can finish your basement and count it as living space.
  5. Budget-Friendly - The other common option to meet the emergency exit requirements for a finished basement is installing a door. Egress windows are often the budget-friendly option and cost much less than having a door installed.

There are many benefits you gain from using egress windows when you want to finish your basement. You will improve the safety of your basement, and gain many other advantages with the right placement of your egress windows.

If you're taking on a new construction project in the NYC area and you need to finish the basement, the right egress windows will offer a great solution. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer window wells, egress windows, and egress covers you need for your project. Our egress windows come in a few different styles and sizes to fit any project.

Stop by one of our two locations in the NYC area and let our friendly team help you get the right egress windows for your project.

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