Stone Retaining Walls Products

When you need to create a stone retaining wall for your home or property, you need the right stones. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer a large selection of stone you can use to build the right type of stone retaining wall for your property. No matter the type of look or design you desire, you will find the right materials at our two locations near Long Island and NYC.

What is a Stone Retaining Wall?

As the name implies, a stone retaining wall will be built of stone and will retain or hold back soil that is found behind it. Commonly, retaining walls are used to stop erosion on hillsides and can also be used to create an area for plants. With the right design, a stone retaining wall can also provide an aesthetically pleasing look for your property.

Our Stone Retaining Wall Products

We provide a wide variety of bricks and stones you can use to create the perfect retaining wall for your property. You can use our wide selection to create your own design or choose one of our pre-packaged kits for a seating wall.

Our selection of stone for retaining walls is one of the largest in the area. We can help you choose the right stone for your project or to ensure you can impress your clients. At 9 Brothers Building Supply in NYC, we are happy to help contractors and DIYers taking on stone retaining wall projects.

Best Material for Stone Retaining Walls

There are several options to choose from when building a stone retaining wall. If you need to create a simple retaining wall and you're not as worried about the aesthetic appeal, a simple concrete paver can work well for your design.

However, if you want to avoid the look of concrete, you can choose a different type of stone, such as the Bluffstone or Cliffstone from Eldorado Stone. These two options give you a more aesthetically pleasing choice for your retaining wall.

Choosing the right options for your stone retaining wall is important. Stop into one of our two locations in the Long Island area and our team will be happy to help you with your stone retaining wall materials.

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