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Elevate Your Outdoor Lifestyle - The Art of Crafting Complete Outdoor Kitchens

Where Culinary Mastery Meets Al Fresco Delights

Imagine a world where your culinary canvas extends beyond four walls, where the symphony of sizzling delights and laughter accompanies every sunset. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we unveil the secret to seamless outdoor entertaining - the transformational magic of complete outdoor kitchens. Whether the pool beckons or the deck calls, your culinary haven awaits.

A Culinary Oasis Unveiled - Unleash the Ease of Outdoor Entertaining

Cook, Dine, and Celebrate Under the Open Sky

Embrace a reality where entertaining becomes an art, and every meal is an adventure. With our array of options, from a humble grill island to the grandeur of a full-fledged outdoor kitchen, your outdoor space evolves into a haven of culinary wonders. The perfect fusion of function and elegance, brought to you by 9 Brothers Building Supply.

Discover Versatility in Long Island - Craft Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Empowering Your Al Fresco Aspirations

In the heart of the Long Island and NYC area, our sanctuary of building solutions presents diverse features for your outdoor haven. Our offerings include fully-assembled outdoor grill islands and outdoor kitchen kits designed to accommodate everything from refrigerators to pizza ovens, charcoal smokers, and an ensemble of accessories.

Cambridge - Where Innovation Meets Al Fresco Mastery

Elevate Every Grill, Sizzle, and Chill

Introducing Cambridge, a synonym for excellence in outdoor culinary craftsmanship. Our curated collection boasts fully assembled outdoor grill islands, opening up spacious realms around your grill. For those who prefer pre-packaged brilliance, Cambridge offers Ledgestone Wall Grill module kits and Olde English Wall Kitchen kits, a kaleidoscope of designs awaits.

Eldorado Stone - Sculpting Elegance in Al Fresco Cooking

Unveil Signature Kitchens, Crafted by Nature

Eldorado Stone's Signature Kitchens stand as a testament to sophistication. The Coastal Ranch presents an L-shaped kitchen with cabinets and a bar-height area - a stage for culinary artistry. The Metropolitan Signature Kitchen dazzles linearly, while the Parkview Signature Kitchen offers a simple yet functional L-shaped configuration. Nature's touch graces every culinary endeavor.

Nicolock - Where Space and Style Converge

Savor Every Flavor in the Lap of Elegance

Nicolock unveils a trio of outdoor kitchen designs. The Nantucket Kitchen Island and Verona Grill Island offer compact grilling wonders, harmonizing space and style. The Verona Outdoor Kitchen, with its L-shaped allure, accommodates refrigeration needs, transforming your culinary landscape into an embodiment of sophistication.

Techo-Bloc: Where Innovation Takes Shape

For the Culinary Adventurer in You

Techo-Bloc introduces uniqueness with the Forno Raffinato Stone Kit, a haven for outdoor pizza oven enthusiasts. The Techo-Bloc Grill Island, your perfect grilling companion, hosts your grill alongside a small refrigerator or sink. Innovation intertwines with your culinary odyssey.

Crafting Memories, One Culinary Experience at a Time

Elevate Outdoor Moments, Ignite Culinary Joy

Within the realm of 9 Brothers Building Supply, your outdoor space transforms into an enchanting stage for gatherings. Embrace the magic as every sizzle and aroma weaves stories of joy. Your aspirations meet our expertise, and together, we craft an outdoor haven that beckons friends and family to celebrate life under the open sky.

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