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Introducing Mortar - The Art of Binding Bricks and Beyond in Long Island and NYC

In construction, mortar is a versatile marvel, akin to a paste-like wizard that unites bricks and materials into a cohesive structure. This transformative substance possesses a chameleon-like quality – initially soft and malleable, yet evolving into a robust concrete-like entity once it solidifies. Seamlessly bridging gaps between bricks and mortar emerges as the silent hero that upholds the integrity of architectural endeavors. Crafted from sand, cement, and lime, it dances with water to concoct its magic.

Varieties of Mortar Mixes at Your Fingertips

Embracing the dynamic nature of construction projects, 9 Brothers Building Supply comprehends the need for an array of mortar types. Our repository hosts a diverse collection that caters to the nuances of various building ventures.

Step into the world of Type S Mortar, a medium-strength option meticulously tailored for below-grade exterior walls. It is ideal for beneath-surface applications such as patios and is a steadfast companion for a range of constructions.

Enter the realm of Type N Mortar, a versatile contender designed for many scenarios. With medium strength that shines above-grade exterior walls, it's equally at home for interior projects. This blend, revered for its resilience and flexibility, tames semi-soft masonry, proving its mettle against cracks.

Championing Top-Notch Brands

In our pursuit of excellence, we proudly present two mortar maestros – Lehigh and Quikrete. Lehigh masonry cement emerges as a Portland or blended cement, fortified with an air-entraining agent and plasticizers. This potent mix shields mortar against the tides of freeze-thaw cycles, an exceptional choice for diverse building projects.

Quikrete's mason mixes epitomize commercial-grade prowess, embodying the fusion of cement and sand in a pre-blended symphony. Versatile and accommodating, Quikrete's offering transforms projects into visual poetry, and adding color presents endless artistic possibilities.

For Every Building Aspiration

At 9 Brothers Building Supply in the Long Island and NYC area, we usher you into a realm where materials and dreams converge. Our inventory mirrors the diverse tapestry of your construction aspirations. When mortar becomes your quest, we stand ready with a selection that mirrors your ambition. Lehigh and Quikrete, the beacons of quality and innovation, await to elevate your next project to uncharted heights.

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