Stone Coping Products

With the right stone coping, you can add the right edging to your patio, landscaping, pool, and other areas of your property. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer a variety of stone coping options to ensure you get the right look for your project.

Whether you're handing a DIY project on your property or you're a contractor working for a client, we're here to help. You can view a large selection of stone coping options at one of our two NYC area locations.

MSI Coping

Our MSI stone coping comes in a variety of options with several different sizes. We offer limestone, marble, sandstone, arterra porcelain, slate, and travertine natural stone coping with a variety of looks and options for your property. These stone coping options match most of the paver options we offer making it easy to match for a complete project.

This type of coping comes in many sizes ranging from 12x12 to 24x24. We even offer many different colors and w also have the right steps, column caps, pool applications, and wall caps in the same materials for your needs.

Nicolock Stone Coping

When you want to add fullnose coping around your swimming pool, we have the right Nicolock options for your needs. We provide fullnose coping in a variety of sizes to make it easier to create the look you want around your pool. The smooth and rounded edge provides a unique look and we provide this type of coping by the pallet for larger jobs.

Techo-Bloc Coping

Another brand of stone coping we offer is Techo-Bloc. Our team can help you choose from the many of the different options from this brand of stone coping. Whether you need coping for around your swimming pool, patio, stone steps, or for any other project, we have the right option.

Our Techo-Bloc coping matches well with the same brand pavers and other masonry materials. When you need the right coping for your project, Techo-Bloc offers a great option for your property.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we provide the best stone coping in the NYC area. Our two locations in the Long Island area offer a variety of options you can check out for yourself. Stop by today and let one of our staff members help you choose the right stone coping for your needs.

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