Stone Coping Types: Pool Coping, Wall Caps, & Pier Caps

When you’re ready to choose the right stone coping types for your pool, there are many things to consider. During the installation process for your inground pool, you will likely need to make this decision.

Choosing pool coping will make a pretty big difference in the look of your swimming pool. Let’s look at some of the main stone coping types for your inground pool.

Top 3 Types of Pool Coping

1. Bullnose

Whether you choose full or half-bullnose pool coping, this is a good choice for your swimming pool. Bullnose pool coking is one of the most popular types of stone coping. You will get a rounded edge at the lip with this bullnose pool coping.

When you choose full bullnose, you get a full, 180degree C-curve found at the edge of the water. This creates a lip for your pool. The half bullnose options leave a flush bottom edge and only have a rounding at the top edge.

2. Square or Cantilevered

If you want a finished edge for the concrete around your swimming pool, the square or cantilevered coping is the right choice. This stone coping type will allow the deck around your swimming pool to blend with the edge of the pool seamlessly.

3. Chiseled

Chiseled or rough-cut pool coping offers another option for your backyard swimming pool. This type of pool coking uses a more natural stone and offers a more organic look. If you want a better natural look around your swimming pool, this is a great option for your pool deck.

With natural stone coping, such as travertine or sandstone, you get a beautiful, high-end look. This is the stone coping type often used for high-end luxury swimming pools to provide a natural-looking design.

Benefits of Natural Stone Pool Coping

There are many benefits to choosing natural stone pool coping. This type of stone coping offers an aesthetically pleasing option and it’s incredibly durable. You’ll also get a very safe and secure option for those swimming in your pool.

Natural stone pool coping is an easy-to-maintain option and comes in many different styles, as well. It can even help to enhance the value of your property. This high-end option provides the perfect choice for luxury homes and even some lower-priced options for those on a tighter budget.

A Quick Look at Wall Caps & Pier Caps

Along with the different stone coping types, you might also need the right wall caps and pier caps. These caps can help you get the look you truly desire with your backyard swimming pool. Whether you just want a nice, clean look or you prefer a more luxurious look, the right wall caps and pier caps can help.

Before you make the final choice about your swimming pool deck, make sure to consider the different stone coping types. We offer many different options in both our Brentwood and Riverhead locations.