Navigating the Options: A Deep Dive into Foundation Building Materials

When it comes to real estate development and construction, the choice of foundation building materials and supplies is a pivotal decision. For municipal developers, commercial contractors, and homeowner contractors seeking top-notch foundation building materials and supplies, understanding the range of available options is crucial. Keep reading for a comprehensive look at the various categories of […]

Maximizing Home Value with Veneer Stone Panels: A Guide for Homeowners and Contractors

A Home with Veneer Stone Panel showing aesthetic luxury curb appeal to increase real estate value.

In the world of masonry, hardscape, and building materials, few products offer a better balance of customer satisfaction and return on investment (ROI) than veneer stone panels.  Keep reading to explore why veneer stone panels are the ideal choice for exterior wall projects and how they can significantly enhance the ROI of home remodels. Why […]

How to Choose the Right Grade of Crushed Stone

Working in construction means you will likely work with different grades of crushed stone. If you need to choose the right grade of crushed stone, you need to understand the different options and what they work best for. Below is a simple guide to making it easier to choose the right grade of crushed stone […]

Type N Mortar: Is It The Right Mortar For Your Job?

Getting the right type of mortar for your job is important. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we carry several types of mortar including Type N Mortar. When you know which type of mortar is right for your job, it makes it easier to complete the work you need to complete. What is Type N Mortar? […]

What is Egress? – Egress Windows in New York

Egress Windows in New York

When you work with windows in New York, the windows have to meet specific requirements due to the New York State egress window code. This state code has to do with making sure an inhabitant can exit from a basement living space during an emergency. You want to make sure your windows meet the New […]

Coastal Flooding: Why Using Foundation Vents Is Important on Long Island & NYC

Coastal flooding can certainly cause plenty of issues with your foundation in Long Island or NYC. With the right foundation vents, you won’t have to worry about coastal flooding as much. Let’s look at what flood vents are and how they can help protect your foundation. What are flood vents and how are they used? […]

3 Hard-to-Find Pool Building Supply Products on Long Island

It’s January, and if you live in the New York area, then you know all too well just how bone-chillingly cold winters can be. With us being right in the middle of the winter season, you would think that we’d be having the typical freezing temperatures that we’re used to. However, that’s not the case […]